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Why I Build

12650977_10208820136605342_8313339488005688967_nThe simple answer: because I can.

I’ve always found great joy in the process of creation. It didn’t matter if it was writing a term paper, sewing a blouse or building with Legos and Lincoln Logs. As an adult, I’ve worked as both a writer and a designer. To see my ideas made real is always a joyous experience.

I blame my mother for my fascination with dressing up. Growing up, I wore a few of those awful plastic and rayon, store-bought Halloween costumes. They weren’t the snazzy, expensive accessorized ones of today. Usually, it was a kind of terrible screen printed one-size-poorly-fits-some jumper with a very basic plastic mask of your favorite hero. For several decades, every kid looked a bit like a bank robber. One year they even came out with these nutty inflatable heads, that strapped on like giant vinyl pinatas.  Those were the days…until my Mom decided I could be Bat Girl.

I have no recollection of the conversation. It may well have been her idea alone, but we went to Hancock Fabrics and got a few yards of blue satin and some yellow felt. A few days later I took to the streets in a very basic cape with felt gauntlets and a Bat emblem pinned to a leotard. There have been more than 30 Halloweens since that freezing October night (I refused a coat; the first time I would suffer for my cosplay) and I haven’t worn a store-bought costume since.

To be a creator and able to make your ideas tangible and real is a fantastical feat. Not all are capable, not all are interested. I consider myself very, very fortunate.