Cardboard Assassin: The Redux

I met S. at a low-key, free mall con last February. I was helping my mom work her jewelry booth in between presenting, when my soon-to-be-partner-in-mayhem, stopped in to ask about some earrings. She was rocking a very lovely corset, which although steam isn’t my thing, I could appreciate. We chatted for a bit about nothing in particular, but soon discovered that we both belonged to Metro Atlanta Geeks (MAGS). We exchanged info and a few days later, she invited me to a con: Cardboard Con.

It’s exactly what you think it is … or maybe not. It’s halfway to DragonCon and folks suit up in their corrugated best to make a pub crawl of all the places they’ll have to wait hours to get a drink in come fall. I was all gung-ho, but underestimated the power of paper.

The Plan

Seventh_Son_PosterS. and a friend were already going as witches from the Jeff Bridges film The Seventh Son. I poked around online and found some pictures of other characters and decided to go with one of the generic  fighters in the Army of Assassins, because armor! In hindsight, the film is socially and culturally offensive on a number of levels, but I didn’t actually see it until two days before the con, when I finally got time to watch if for reference. Important lesson there kids.

I hit up U-Haul for some boxes and got to cutting. It’s paper, how hard can it be, right?

What Actually Happened

I had grand plans for this costume including liberal use of my Silhouette and some shiny black boxes I had liberated from work. As it turns out, shaping and finishing cardboard is just as complex and time consumptive as foam. 1. The boxes were dry- rotted, so the glued black paper finish was falling off. 2. The Silhouette decided it was too particular to participate in cutting random pasteboard.  3. I quickly realized I had started my project much too late. Time management and scaling back details continue to be a struggle and a year ago it was even worse. I stayed up for two nights in a row trying to get finished. By the night of the crawl, I was exhausted and afraid to drive and go anywhere in my condition. I thought about taking a taxi, but I really wouldn’t have been any fun. I begged off and wore the costume to this year’s event minus some of the original accessories. I had a great time, but will probably go for some kind of cardboard couture for next year’s con.

The Build

Why am I short on pics? Speed building all that stuff goes out the window.